Dodge Sprinter

People come from all corners of the globe to enjoy the fun and fabulous weather of Miami, Florida. Many people who decide to live there for the relaxed and exotic lifestyle find themselves unaccustomed to the heat. When the heat becomes too much for them to bear, they call upon Harrison B. and his air conditioning service company. And when Harrison needed a new cargo van for his business, he turned to the magnificent design of the
Dodge Sprinter van.

Traveling to and from each job, Harrison needs a well stocked van that can also handle those once in a while large jobs. Many of his clients are older, and the heat can quickly become a health issue for them. They don’t have the time to wait for Harrison as he travels back and forth from the shop, doing multiple trips for the large AC units and later trips for piping and ducts. Luckily for Harrison and his customers, the Dodge Sprinter offers more than enough space. He can carry all necessary supplies in one load. Even when an unexpected emergency hits while on the job site, the Dodge Sprinter has enough cargo space to carry any emergency supplies.

Since time is often of the essence, Harrison needs to know that all of the vans in his fleet can handle whatever the roads and weather throw out them. One week, his drivers may face overheating engines, while the next they may face a wild and crazy tropical storm. After 17 years in the air conditioning business, Harrison has built his companies name on reliable and consistent service, and he can only be as consistent and his vans. Fortunately, the Dodge Sprinter van has an impressive and reliable engine design. Harrison knows that, unlike other cargo vans on the market, the Dodge Sprinter can handle multiple road and weather conditions while delivering tip top performance.

On slippery and rough roads, the Dodge Sprinter’s tight design allows it to maneuver curves with ease, and impressive feat for such a large van. Furthermore, this sleek design gives the maximum amount of attention to cargo space, getting a substantial amount of engine power out of a relatively small engine compartment. This interplay of size and maneuverability comes in handy when Harrison and his employees try to park the
Dodge Sprinter. No matter the parking situation or weather condition, they know that the Dodge Sprinter can find a place to park, unlike some other more cumbersome cargo vans.

The innovative design of the Dodge Sprinter does more for Harrison and his business then increase cargo size and maneuverability. The Dodge Sprinter’s revolutionary engine design makes it one of the most fuel efficient large cargo vans on the market today. Factoring in the engine’s fuel efficiency and the cargo size per trip, Harrison is saving a great deal of money when compared to his previous fleet of vans. As fuel prices increase, Harrison is comfortable knowing that he will not have to pass these fuel jumps onto his loyal customers.

Whether a Miami native or fresh to the area, Harrison knows that he can keep them cool thanks to his fleet of large, sturdy Dodge Sprinter cargo vans.


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