Freightliner Sprinter

For Ramon D. of Tampa, Florida, Tampa is more than just home. When his family emigrated to this country years ago and settled in Florida, Ramon had opportunities he could never have dreamed of. Through hard work and dedication, Ramon trained as an electrician until he became successful enough to open his own small business. Servicing the greater Tampa community, Ramon prides himself on giving the best possible service to the community that opened up their arms to him many years earlier. To provide such exemplary service, he decided to purchase the
Freightliner Sprinter cargo van for his business.

Each and every day, Ramon has been surprised at how much his new cargo van can carry. With extra shop space at a premium, Ramon has been able to move most of his supplies into the van, freeing up space around the office. This gives him peace of mind, knowing that no matter what he encounters on the job site, he will have the right supply to deal with the problem.

For larger jobs, the Freightliner Sprinter cargo van gives Ramon the right amount of space to load cargo back and forth from the job site. This means fewer trips back and forth and less reliance on expensive and time consuming delivery services. Ramon’s customers appreciate the time and money saved, which he is able to pass onto the customers. Freightliner Sprinter is able to aid Ramon in developing positive word of mouth while delivering quality service.

Beyond the interior cargo load capacity, the Freightliner Sprinter gives Ramon a smooth and consistent ride to and from each job site. This insures not only a comfortable ride, but a safe ride for both Ramon and his cargo. The Freightliner Sprinter’s basic design allows for tight handling, meaning the large van drives like a much smaller van.

Underneath the hood, the Freightliner Sprinter’s engine gives consistent power and dependability to Ramon, meaning he can always count on his van to get him to a job on time without having to worry about breakdowns.

Furthermore, the engines design is incredibly fuel efficient for a large cargo van. The Freightliner Sprinter’s revolutionary design, combining a stream-lined exterior with one of the most fuel efficient engines ever designed, means that Ramon ends up saving hundreds of dollars a month on fuel bills compared to like-sized vans. This revolutionary diesel engine far surpassed most other cargo vans on the market today. Once again, Ramon is able to save money for himself and his customers.

While Ramon only buys the best for his young business, he knows that cost is still a factor when making a large business investment. Lucky for him, the Freightliner Sprinter offered a quality automobile at an affordable price. Working with his local Freightliner Sprinter dealer, Ramon was able to get his first cargo van at a price well within his budget.

Most of Ramon’s clients will never know the struggles he and his family experienced traveling to this country. All they will see is his dedication and skill getting the power back on when they need it most. Fortunately for them, Ramon is always thinking of the customer when he makes important business decisions, such as when he purchased the
Freightliner Sprinter cargo van.


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