Freightliner Sprinter

St. Petersburg, Florida may not be the biggest city on any map, but it is most definitely a city on the move. Tourism, sports, politics; the city is at the heart of everything that is happening in the state of Florida. Native son Harold R. of St. Petersburg knows the city like the back of his hand. As the owner of a thriving delivery service, he prides himself on having a loyal and dedicated team of drivers that can get any package to it’s destination on time and in perfect shape. To help him live up to his lofty promises, Harold R. decided on
Freightliner Sprinter cargo vans when it came time to pick new vehicles for his fleet.

As a smaller cargo company, Harold needed a fleet of trucks that could handle small to medium sized loads in day to day driving, yet would still be able to manage those once in a while larger jobs. To accommodate his client’s needs, Harold needed a van that could handle loads like a big rig but would fit in his budget like a conventional van. Fortunately the Freightliner Sprinter’s interior design maximizes space usage, giving him more than enough space to handle the larger than normal jobs.

With other cargo vans, Harold was finding that increased size also meant an overall decrease in quality. From the smooth, sleek exterior of the Freightliner Sprinter, Harold initially expected to find too little space for his needs. Harold was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Freightliner Sprinter offers one of the largest payload capacities on the market today, more than enough space for this busy electrician.

The Freightliner Sprinter doesn’t just save Harold money in terms of it’s ability to hold more cargo. The Freightliner Sprinter is one of the most fuel efficient cargo vans on the market. From it’s stream-lined design to powerful, cutting line engine, the Freightliner Sprinter has helped Harold weather the gas pump spikes better than any of his competitors. All this, and for a price comparable or lesser than most standard cargo vans on the market!

While speed is a factor, safety is priority number one for Harold . Not only does he have to ensure that each delivery will arrive undamaged, but, as a good employer, Harold always looks out for his employees and strives to guarantee their safety. Fortunately, the Freightliner Sprinter’s design provides for maximum safety for both passengers and cargo. The revolutionary design lets the drivers take turns safely in a manner consistent with much smaller delivery vans, regardless of weather or road conditions.

The Freightliner Sprinters, while modern and sleek looking, are meant to be put to to work. Harold’s customers expect a great deal from him, and he in turn expects a lot from his vehicles. For all of the cutting edge redesigns in the exterior frame, Harold knew that underneath the hood was the quality Freightliner Sprinter engine design he and his family had relied on for many years before. This quality design ensures that the Freightliner Sprinter will hold up, load after load and mile after mile.

As St. Petersburg continues to grow, Harold and his employees are comfortable knowing that they will be right there with the city, thanks to their fleet of
Freightliner Sprinter cargo vans.


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