Dodge Sprinter is Great Van

“Those looking for maximum interior space, excellent driving manners and respectable fuel economy from a turbodiesel engine, it’s hard to beat the Sprinter.” — The Auto Channel

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Mercedes Sprinter

Daniel A. of Orlando, Florida loves everything about his life and his hometown. From the beaches to the city and everything in between, Daniel knows how to enjoy his free time. However, Daniel also knows how important work is, if for no other reason than the opportunities it provides him to enjoy his leisure time. As one of Orlando’s finest plumber’s, Daniel knows that many people rely upon him to get the job done fast and right the first time, so that they can enjoy their lives as much as he enjoys his. To keep his business running smoothly and without hassle, Daniel selected the
Mercedes Sprinter cargo van to be his vehicle of choice.

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Freightliner Sprinter

St. Petersburg, Florida may not be the biggest city on any map, but it is most definitely a city on the move. Tourism, sports, politics; the city is at the heart of everything that is happening in the state of Florida. Native son Harold R. of St. Petersburg knows the city like the back of his hand. As the owner of a thriving delivery service, he prides himself on having a loyal and dedicated team of drivers that can get any package to it’s destination on time and in perfect shape. To help him live up to his lofty promises, Harold R. decided on
Freightliner Sprinter cargo vans when it came time to pick new vehicles for his fleet.

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Freightliner Sprinter

For Ramon D. of Tampa, Florida, Tampa is more than just home. When his family emigrated to this country years ago and settled in Florida, Ramon had opportunities he could never have dreamed of. Through hard work and dedication, Ramon trained as an electrician until he became successful enough to open his own small business. Servicing the greater Tampa community, Ramon prides himself on giving the best possible service to the community that opened up their arms to him many years earlier. To provide such exemplary service, he decided to purchase the
Freightliner Sprinter cargo van for his business.

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Dodge Sprinter

People come from all corners of the globe to enjoy the fun and fabulous weather of Miami, Florida. Many people who decide to live there for the relaxed and exotic lifestyle find themselves unaccustomed to the heat. When the heat becomes too much for them to bear, they call upon Harrison B. and his air conditioning service company. And when Harrison needed a new cargo van for his business, he turned to the magnificent design of the
Dodge Sprinter van.

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Freightliner Sprinter

Florida is known through that nation for many things. Chief amongst these is the state’s thriving agricultural industry, which provides the entire nation, and even parts of the world, with a variety of fruits and plants. The agricultural industry provides not only sustenance but jobs for many people. To keep these farms up and running requires a number of independent businesses, including electricians. One such business is run by Desmond B. of Jacksonville, Florida. He has manged to keep the complex machinery of a number of larger farms running smoothly, thanks in no small part to his
Freightliner Sprinter cargo van.

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Florida Dodge Sprinter Owner’s Manual

Dodge Sprinter makers know that the ease of their owner’s manuals being available online is a convenience to Florida Sprinter owners. The free online downloads are available for 2004 through the present - Dodge Sprinter Manual.

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Dodge Sprinter / Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a big delivery van, chassis cab and minibus built by Daimler AG in Düsseldorf, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina and sold under its Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, and Freightliner brands.

Sprinters are meant for big families or commercial use. The advantages of Sprinter are :

1. Passenger comfort

2. Cargo capacity

3. Body configurations

4. Driving dynamics

Multiple seat adjustments ensured decent comfort, and overall ergonomics gave the impression of driving a regular passenger car instead of a hulking van.

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The State of Florida is located in the southeastern region of the United States. Most of the state is a large peninsula with the Gulf of Mexico on its west and the Atlantic Ocean on its east. Much of the state has a humid subtropical climate, except for southern Florida, where the climate is tropical

Archaeological research indicates that Florida had been inhabited for thousands of years before any European settlements. Of the many indigenous peoples, the largest known were the Ais, the Apalachee, the Calusa, the Timucua and the Tocobago tribes.

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